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How to hold your Breath for over Five minutes – With only two days practice

Are you looking to learn how to hold your breath for a ridiculously long time?
Then this is the book for you!

In "How to hold your Breath for over Five minutes - With only two days practice" you will learn how t...
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Quarry Quest – The Diver’s Guide to the Midwest

This is the original, 1987 classic Quarry Quest!
"Scuba diving is popular just about everywhere, but when I tell folks about diving in the Midwest, the first thing they say, with incredulity, is,'“Where the heck do you go ...
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The Ultimate Snorkeling Book

If you’re a beginning snorkeler, The Ultimate Snorkeling Book will allay your fears, insure that you are safe, explain how to keep up with your partner and contribute helpful suggestions of your own during the trip. You’ll lear...

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Dive Computers (Diving)

This book is the second book in the diving series after The Art of Gas Blending and before Deep and Safety Stops, Including Ascent Rate and Gradient Factors and Diving Below 130 Feet.

The purpose and aim of this book...
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The North America Dive Guide

This book is a comprehensive guide to dive sites in all 50 states, selected provinces in Canada, and selected dive sites in Mexico and Carribbean destinations. Information has been gathered from local dive shop owners, dive ins...
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Freediving – The Essentials for reaching 65 feet in just two days

Are you looking to improve or to begin learning about freediving? Do you wish to be able to stay submerged longer and be able to go deeper?

Well if you are this is the book for you.

In "Freediving - the Es...

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Scuba Diving Fitness: The Missing Component Extortion, Bribes, and Shysters Cannot Get You

Sure, you figured out your gear. Sure you figured out the decompression tables. Why should figuring out your diver fitness be any different? So yes, you figured out your diver health program.

Or so you thought...
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The Complete Diving Guide to Antigua (Complete Diving Guides)

These comprehensive diving guides to the Easter Caribbean have:
- Full description of ALL the islands, including apres dive activities
- Comprehensive overview of the diving environment
- Rules, regulations and s...
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Scuba Diving – 4th Edition

Scuba's most comprehensive and authoritative guide is now better than ever!

Scuba Diving provides a clear, thorough, and captivating learning experience for all who want to take the plunge. Packed with beautiful full-...