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Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Black Carbon Fiber Dial Black Polyurethane Watch 12561

With a bold, masculine design, Invicta Chronograph has a poised and calm ambience that's sure to have you looking twice.
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The Certified Diver’s Handbook : The Complete Guide to Your Own Underwater Adventures

The real-world guide for divers who want to enjoy their sport to the fullest

More than half of the 1.5 million people who achieve scuba certification each year are stymied in their pursuit of the sport because ...

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Undersea Colonies

Of all one hundred billion humans who have ever lived, not a single one has gone to live permanently undersea. While we have had the technology to settle this vast, three dimensional domain for over half a century, it remains e...

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Recreational Trimix Diving

Trimix - a mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen - allows a diver to experience less narcosis during a dive than when breathing air or nitrox. Previously the exclusive preserve of deep divers, trimix is experiencing a renaissa...
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Dive School Adventure

A light and humourous story about some of my experiences and adventures during my training as a Commercial Diver at Fort Bovisands, including a chance encounter with a wild Dolphin. Includes many photographs. These were fond me...
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Diving Bonaire

This guidebook, written by a marine biologist with more than 40 years' experience in the field, describes the very best dive sites on Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, and tells you exactly how to get to each one and what you're likel...

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How to hold your Breath for over Five minutes – With only two days practice

Are you looking to learn how to hold your breath for a ridiculously long time?
Then this is the book for you!

In "How to hold your Breath for over Five minutes - With only two days practice" you will learn how t...
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Quarry Quest – The Diver’s Guide to the Midwest

This is the original, 1987 classic Quarry Quest!
"Scuba diving is popular just about everywhere, but when I tell folks about diving in the Midwest, the first thing they say, with incredulity, is,'“Where the heck do you go ...
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The Ultimate Snorkeling Book

If you’re a beginning snorkeler, The Ultimate Snorkeling Book will allay your fears, insure that you are safe, explain how to keep up with your partner and contribute helpful suggestions of your own during the trip. You’ll lear...