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Recipes from the Dive Locker

Spanning the years we’ve spent diving the farthest reaches of our planet, we have been welcomed by fantastic venues that shelter and sustain us while we prepare for the next day’s dive. Some of these diving meccas surround us in opulence, anticipating and accommodating our every need, while others deliver a rustic, self sustaining experience, equal to the locales they represent.

But what these two very distant extremes have in common, is their ability to deliver to us, the most memorable dishes we will ever encounter. Flavors that swirl upon our taste buds and excite our senses. Textures and spices so exotic, that we hope they are not just specters of our imagination. Whether we experience them on the distant islands of Indonesia or amidst the luxuriant accommodations of a liveaboard, the cuisine we find is so far from what is ordinary, that like the dives themselves, we don’t want them to end.

Dive, Dine, & Experince all there is to savor below and above the surface. Then before you board the plane and head for home, take along your copy of Recipes from the Dive Locker: A Collection of Seafarer’s Favorites. When you need a reminder of why we do what we do, recreate your Dive Locker favorites in the comforts of your own kitchen.

Recipes from the Dive Locker:

A Collection of Restaurant Favorites

Recipes from the Dive Locker :  A Collection of Seafarer’s Favorites

We are now compiling our  2012-13  Digital Edition.

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