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Dive LifeStyle

The Dive Lifestyle isn’t hard for us to imagine.   But for those that don’t  live it, it can seem elusive and vague causing them to wonder what exactly this Dive LifeStyle  is.

Well, for one thing it isn’t your clothing or a look.  It isn’t your gear or your new dive computer.  It’s not the places you’ve been, the dives you’ve logged or the songs on your iPod.

It’s more than that.  It’s an attitude comprised of the sum of many  parts…many parts that come from many places.  And they’re a little bit different for everyone.

It’s the love of the ocean, the lakes, the seas.  It’s the desire to explore, the yearning to see and learn.   It’s the people you meet, the bonds you forge and cultivate.  It’s the passion for freedom.  For life itself.

But if you have to describe what it is in a word,  well … it’s a Lifestyle.

The people who live it, know it.  They recognize it.  They embrace it and they exude it.

When they aren’t diving, they are thinking about diving.  When they aren’t thinking about diving, they’re sleeping.  And when they are sleeping, they are dreaming about diving.

It’s an endless loop that that occupies our free time and creeps in to our not-so-free time.   It plays over and over in our minds and it can only be silenced by the sound of bubbles gurgling to surface.  Unless of course you’re on a re-breather and that’s a whole other article.

If you don’t live it, chances are you don’t get it … or you just haven’t gotten it yet.  But don’t worry, you can still catch it.

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