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Dive Like a Pro 101 Ways to Improve

By: Robert N. Rossier
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ISBN 0941332756

Considering all there is to learn, and all the skills to be mastered, completing a basic scuba course in any format is an accomplishment of which any certified diver should be proud. However, now matter how good a diver you become, it seems there is always some skill, technique or procedure that can be improved.

The information included in the pages of this book can help new divers climb the steep learning curve we all must negotiate at the beginning of our diving careers. Even highly experienced divers may learn or relearn a tidbit of information they never knew or happened to forget. The contents include: 10 Ways to Safely Conserve Air, Secrets to Better Buoyancy Control, Ten Ways to Build Confidence, Ten Ways to Tune Your Gear, How To Get a Good (and Safe) Air Fill, Hot Tips for Diving Cool Waters, Seven Ways To Be a Better Buddy, Diving Fitness, Equipment Care And Maintenance, and Tips To Dodge The DCS bullet. ….read more

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