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Scuba Club Cozumel, Dive Resort Review


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All-in-One Dive Resort, Great Local Cuisine, Dive Crews

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Cozumel, Mexico – Scuba Club Cozumel is a diving resort that often appears on the top of every traveling diver’s bucket list.  That comes with good reason.  Scuba Club Cozumel is sitting on top of some of the most beautiful reefs, vibrant sea life and dive friendly climates in the Americas.  Knowing this, we scheduled our trip with eager anticipation and high hopes.

In the month leading up to our arrival, the DivingTop100 CREW contacted

His decades as a dive professional have made him shine, where so many others begin to dull

the resort staff several times to confirm dates, accommodations, meals, taxis, buses, ferries and the typical pre-travel details. They were very attentive to our needs and seemed eager to help make our stay a memorable one.

We planned for a late summer, five day trip, with three days of diving sandwiched in between, since we would be flying in and out.  Our plan was to arrange it  in the middle of the week, in order to avoid the weekend dive crowds. It worked out perfectly.

Coming from the south eastern coast of the U.S., it was an easy plane ride into Cancun. We caught a decent round trip deal from Spirit Airlines for $298.00. But the bags and gear ran us each $150.00 more.   A $10.00 bus ticket purchased at the Cancun airport, dropped us off in front of the ferry to Cozumel an hour after landing.  So far, so good.  $26.00 later and we had round trip ferry tickets to the island and we were soon sitting inside the $6.00 taxi that dropped us off in front of Scuba Club Cozumel.  All totaled, 6 hours and roughly $500.00 (including tips)  got us where we wanted to be.  Considering fuel costs, travel time and overnight lodging, this would have been the same cost for us to arrive at a comparable dive location in the states.  We were digging it.

Check-in was a bit awkward.  There seemed to be a lot of paper work and rules and checklists, and tipping schedules and then some more rules.  We thought most of this was completed ahead of time, but we were glad to be here and it worked out okay.   The resort was not very full, as we had hoped.  The late summer booking and midweek schedule had provided the solitude we wanted,  in order for us to get to know this resort first hand.

With arrival  day coming to an end, we decided to clean up to get ready for dinner.  We headed back up the ten thousand stairs to get to our 3rd floor suite.  We needed to stop at the second floor “Base camp” to catch our breath before continuing on to the summit.  Once there, we finally had a chance to take an inventory of our home for the week.

  • Beds….  √ Check
  • Air Conditioner….  √ Check
  • Refridgerator….  √ Check
  • Sink, Shower, Toilet….  √ Check, √ Check, √ Check
  • TV………………?
  • Phone………….?
  • Microwave…..?
  • OMG !
We knew beforehand that we would not have access to a phone, television or microwave in our suite. But it took not seeing them for it to really sink in.  We all went through 5 stages of emotion trying to come to terms with this absence of technology.  We experienced Denial, Anger and Bargaining as we tried to get a grip on ourselves.  What followed were brief periods of depression and finally, acceptance.  In 10 minutes we had experienced the Five Stages of Grief as made famous by  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross .  After quick showers, it was all but a memory as we looked forward to dinner and a night dive on the house reef later in the evening.
Thank God for the Wi-fi !  At least we could rough it and hook up our Magic Jacks, Skype and stream our Hulu Plus.
We arrived at dinner in the resort’s restaurant.  There were eleven people there, Five of them employees. As we entered the dining room we were greeted by a Greeter who guided us over to the Maitre D.  The Maitre D then greeted us and professionally guided us another 3 feet to the hostess station.  There we were greeted by the hostess, who took our meal preferences for the week, before guiding us to the Head Waiter, that in turn guided us to the bar to meet the bartender, as we were guided to our table, to be served by our regular Waiter.  I know there was music playing, but all I was hearing was Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching.  We had walked a total of 15 feet, and each one of those was guided by an expertly trained service team member.
Once seated, we settled in and began to talk about the days to come and all that we would experience. We finalized some of the plans and review points we would like to make. The camera guy wouldn’t stop babbling about shutter speeds and light sources, so we sent him on another errand.
Our wait team was truly extraordinary. They did everything  to accommodate and please their guests in every way.  Drinks were never empty and different courses arrived promptly, as we were finishing the previous one.  The kitchen team did their best to fix a special heart healthy diet for a member of our crew. The local cuisine was the real treat.  The spices and flavors were true to the region and nothing like the Mexican food we Americans eat here at home.

Now all kidding aside.  We arrived at Scuba Club Cozumel to dive, sleep, eat and repeat.  And honestly, Scuba Club Cozumel did not let us down.  The diving was great.  The sites were well chosen and actually planned according to cert & comfort levels of the divers on them.  We witnessed this first hand.  The Captains and crew were all very good.  The house reef had steps leading down into right from the shore.  It came complete with a mini-swim through and a spotted eel.  Abundant life is all over and it makes for a fun nighttime dive.

The Dive Master we had for 3 days was top notch in and out of the water.  His decades as a dive professional have made him shine, where so many others begin to dull.  Kudos Jose!

We spent three days on three different Vessels.  One a cat, the others mid sized dive boats.  They were’t anything out of the ordinary, but they were well kept, clean, and in very good running condition.  No choking diesel smells topside and clean heads below deck.  The boats, though a bit older than new, impressed us. Litter in its place and even the fire extinguishers were in date. (yep, we check)

The dive sites were teeming with life and the dive briefings were memorable.  The dive master pointed out so much, that so  many would otherwise miss.  He was proud to spend time showing off his playground and didn’t rush through the dives because it was just a job.  Jose treated each dive as if it were our first and was indeed our own underwater tour guide.

All in all Scuba Club Cozumel lived up to its name and reputation as a solid Dive Resort.  It really is a Dive Resort for Divers by Divers.  They have an exceptional return rate for their guests.  To keep so many people coming back time after time, they must be doing something right.  What we found that to be is simple.  Good service.  Good Food.  Good Location and Great Diving.

If you a looking for a boutique resort or have the idea that All Inclusive means they do everything for you, like carry gear, clean equipment or hold your hand walking across tile,  then you have the wrong idea about Scuba Club Cozumel.  But if you are looking for a resort that knows what divers need, and delivers it in a big way, then you’re looking at the right place.  Scuba Club Cozumel will not leave you out to dry.

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