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Franko Laminated Maps Fish ID and Maps Bonaire

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Side 1 of Franko’s Bonaire fish card is a mini map of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire with a listing of 86 alpha-numeric dive sites within its underwater National Park. Dive site buoys are installed, numbered and maintained the Council of Underwater Resort Operators of Bonaire (aka CURO). Most of the sites around Bonaire (sites 1 through 60 on the Bonaire Franko map) are also accessible from shore. Klein Bonaire sites (sites A through Z on the Bonaire Franko map) must be reached by boat. These sites as they appear on the Bonaire Franko map are listed below. This Franko map/fish card is dedicated to promoting Bonaire’s fabulous underwater scenery, and inspires the viewer to love the reef creatures that inhabit Bonaire’s underwater national park, which entirely surrounds the island(s) and extends to 200 feet deep. The map also includes a miniature globe map for a perspective of just where in the world Bonaire sits. Side 1 is the Bonaire Mini-map, but side 2 is the viewer will find nearly 100 or colorful reef creatures constituting the Reef Creatures Identification Guide portion of the fish card. This fish card is actually waterproof and durable, so divers can take it with them for underwater fish identification, if they wish. The viewer will note that the fish card has a sampling of approximately 100 of Bonaire’s most common and most beautiful reef creatures. However, there are actually hundreds more! The fish card would be huge to actually show them all! However, this is a great sampling of the usual characters, including a few, but definitely not all of the various parrotfishes, triggerfishes, angelfishes, wrasse, filefishes, groupers, grunts, rays, surgeonfishes, sharks, lobsters, corals, sea fans, sponges, mollusks, and much more. ….read more

  • Franko Laminated Maps – Fish ID and Maps – Bonaire
  • measures about 9 x 6
  • Laminated to protect
  • Full color on both sides

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