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Hero Armor for GoPro Cameras Nearing Launch

The Hero Armor Project -By Marc Ellis

My project’s goal is to create an underwater housing for the GoPro Hero and Hero 2 camera’s.  The Hero is a great little camera, but I found its’ plastic, proprietary housing just wasn’t up to the rigors of continuous use underwater. The blurred images from its plastic dome lens cover make it undesirable for any underwater video.  And the proprietary mounting point was also limiting, fragile and problematic for underwater usage.

Now there is a professional grade, aluminum and stainless steel housing for GoPro. Designed specifically to work underwater.

I needed something with clear optics for underwater use.  And I wanted a housing with universal camera mounting options and with a multitude of orientation possibilities.  So when I’m filming the local Sea Turtles breeding season and the Manatee’s race to the warm Florida springs for winter, I’ll have complete control and confidence over how I mount the camera to a pole or tripod.

DivingTop100 Readers can help launch this fantastic new product.
All of which lead me to design the Hero Armor housing.  With crystal optics, sharp focus and a rugged all aluminum and stainless steel case, the Hero Armor was my answer. Rugged, small, light weight and designed from the ground up to work above or below the water line.  Its’ my answer to creating an amazingly cost effective, professional way to shoot HD video underwater with the GoPro cameras.
"Pro Kit" with tray and grips
“Pro Kit” with tray and grips

By launching my project on Kickstarter, Its my intention to gain quick acceptance of the housing, and allow for everyone to benefit from a lower cost product that comes with a higher volume production, that has been designed, and built right here in Tampa, FL..

Thank you kickstarter!

The Hero Armor housing is made from milled aluminum and stainless steel to survive harsh saltwater environments and the abuse of the ocean.

Documenting Manatee and Sea Turtles

My Kickstarter project was influenced from my own interest in conservation, education and a drive to highlight the plight of marine creatures in Florida and the surrounding regions.

Our Manatee and Sea Turtles are under pressure from boaters, commercial fishing fleets and other hazards every day.  By creating the Hero Armor housing, anyone with a GoPro camera can help document and record their own experiences with these beautiful animals.


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