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Liveaboard diving is in a class of its own.  It is like no other dive venue. It can be said that liveaboards are the ultimate diving experience, both above and below the surface. There aren’t any mad rushes to the car to get all your gear packed and be the first one out of the parking lot.  There is no hurry to get back to your hotel room. Gone is the wait in traffic on the way to Golden Coral.

Instead the Liveaboard experience puts it all in front of you. In one nice, neat ball of underwater fun. Liveaboards cover it all; Diving, accommodations, cuisine, beverages, snacks  gear, tanks, weights, fills, guides, transportation, education and on and on and on.
Liveaboards come in different varieties.  First to mind are the luxury yachts with their opulent accommodations and fine dining.  But for some that may not be the ticket.  You may crave your excitement in a whole other way.  But not to worry, there are liveaboard dive operations that will cater to almost any niche.

There are shark diving liveaboards, free diving liveaboards, spearfishing liveaboards, whale watching liveaboards, eco liveaboards, economy liveaboards, private charter liveaboards and the list goes on.  They also come in motor or sail.  Pick your pleasure and then pick your liveaboard.  It is an experience not to be missed.

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