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Deep and Safety Stops, including Ascent Speed and Gradient Factors (Diving)

To stop or not.

This book is the third book in the diving series after The Art of Gas Blending, Dive Computers and before Diving Below 130 Feet, and looks at what 'Deep Stops' actually are, and how these stops are ca...
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Manta Rays and Margaritas: Tropical Travels to Dive the Oceans

Mix two parts love of travel with one part scuba diving. Stir. Add a sprinkle of sea life, a dash of local culture and shake well. Garnish with salt and a lime. Manta Rays and Margaritas chronicles the real-life tale of two tra...
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UTD Student and Diver Procedure Manual

The UTD Student and Diver Procedures Manual is a printed manual that outlines in detail each of the skills, procedures and protocols as set by Unified Team Diving and it’s teachings. This book will help you, the diver, understa...

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Scuba Diving Fitness: The Missing Component Extortion, Bribes, and Shysters Cannot Get You

Sure, you figured out your gear. Sure you figured out the decompression tables. Why should figuring out your diver fitness be any different? So yes, you figured out your diver health program.

Or so you thought...
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Deep Dark and Dangerous: On the Bottom with the Northwest Salvage Divers

Deep dark and Dangerous:
On the Bottom with the Northwest Salvage Divers

"A frightening yet fascinating trade, salvage diving stands as the Northwest's most dangerous occupation. Over half of salvage divers peri...
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Raising the Dead: A True Story of Death and Survival

A true story of death and survival in the world’s most dangerous sport, cave diving. Two friends plunge 900 ft deep into a water-filled crater in the Kalahari Desert to raise the body of a diver who had perished there a deca...


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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling For Dummies

For millions of Americans, diving offers the chance to get away from everyday life and enter a world of stunning natural beauty and fascinating complexity. And getting started is a breeze! Anyone can learn to dive safely and ex...
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Scuba Diving: How To Scuba Dive For Deep Sea Mysteries And Sunken Treasure…

Scuba Diving – The very name invokes images of cool, crystal-clear water and ocean breezes.

Imagine life traveling the seas, searching for the wildlife that lives within the great oceans of the world.

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Storm Scuba Diving and Surfing Wetsuit Hanger – Black

This Storm hanger will hold heavy wet and dry suits and allow them to dry properly. Keep your gear off the floor to prevent damage.