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TREASURE – The search for the Atocha

The harrowing story of Mel Fisher's quest for the 600-ton galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, vice-flagship of King Philip IV of Spain, which sank off Key West in 1622, taking with it to the bottom 250,000 silver coins, 901-plus ...
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How to hold your Breath for over Five minutes – With only two days practice

Are you looking to learn how to hold your breath for a ridiculously long time?
Then this is the book for you!

In "How to hold your Breath for over Five minutes - With only two days practice" you will learn how t...
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Freediving – The Essentials for reaching 65 feet in just two days

Are you looking to improve or to begin learning about freediving? Do you wish to be able to stay submerged longer and be able to go deeper?

Well if you are this is the book for you.

In "Freediving - the Es...

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Puget Sound Treasure Hunting – Scuba Diving for Antique Bottles

This book is an excellent reference for any diver looking to seek treasures from the Puget Sound. The book describes techniques for treasure hunting and lists several Puget Sound dive sites where the author has found antique bo...
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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling For Dummies

For millions of Americans, diving offers the chance to get away from everyday life and enter a world of stunning natural beauty and fascinating complexity. And getting started is a breeze! Anyone can learn to dive safely and ex...
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Scuba Diving: How To Scuba Dive For Deep Sea Mysteries And Sunken Treasure…

Scuba Diving – The very name invokes images of cool, crystal-clear water and ocean breezes.

Imagine life traveling the seas, searching for the wildlife that lives within the great oceans of the world.


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Wrist & Hose Compass for Scuba Diving

Wrist Mount Scuba Diving Compass. Wrist Mount Compass with enhanced magnet strength, quick response and smooth card movement! This unique, high performance liquid filled compass is designed with enhanced magnet strength which p...
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Pro Ear Scuba Diving Mask for all around Ear Protection Dive Diver Divers Snorkel Snorkeling Mask Authorized Dealer Full Warranty

Pro Ear Scuba Diving Mask This Revolutionary mask features: Pro Ear Protects Ears from cold and infection Increase warmth and comfort by keeping the ears dry Prevents painful pressure induced ear problems Provides b...
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Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel – Warrior Edition – For Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

The name says it all. Designed to be exactly what its name suggests, the ULTRA DRY snorkel incorporates Oceanic's patented Dry Snorkel Technology into an ultra-low profile product that is ergonomically designed for comfort and ...