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Secrets of the Stone Hourglass: In Pursuit of Man 12,000 Years Ago

Consider how it must feel to find yourself the center of attraction for a very large circling tiger shark and when you fire your spear at the animal he takes spear and gun away from you leaving you wondering what you have to of...
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Mafatu’s Hawaii Dive Log

Mafatu’s Hawaii Dive Log is the life story of a waterman’s love for the sea. From a timid youngster canoeing on the river, to snorkeling the inner reefs and later drift diving and spearfishing in deep blue water, it’s a life pa...
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TREASURE – The search for the Atocha

The harrowing story of Mel Fisher's quest for the 600-ton galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, vice-flagship of King Philip IV of Spain, which sank off Key West in 1622, taking with it to the bottom 250,000 silver coins, 901-plus ...

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SCUBA STORIES 2: More real life diving dramas

Every good diver will tell you that you never stop learning and that every dive, every experience underwater can help make you a better diver. And the next best thing to personal experience is to hear the adventures and close c...
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Adventures in the Deep

This book describes true experiences of the author while diving in the seas of the world. Photos shot during these dives are included in the stories.
The locations of the adventures are Madeira, the Silver Bank, the Texas ...
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The Treasure

Consumed by a passion for scuba diving and the legend of a long lost pirate ship, Kit Baldwin, a marine archeology professor, embarks on a journey to a tropical Caribbean island to discover treasure. She encounters several colo...

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Deep and Safety Stops, including Ascent Speed and Gradient Factors (Diving)

To stop or not.

This book is the third book in the diving series after The Art of Gas Blending, Dive Computers and before Diving Below 130 Feet, and looks at what 'Deep Stops' actually are, and how these stops are ca...
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Setting the Hook: A Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria

The 1956 collision of the Andrea Doria and the Stockholm triggered a night of sheer terror for the Andrea Doria's 1,134 passengers and set in motion one of history's most dramatic rescues at sea. From the moment the Andrea Dori...
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Meg Hunter

Between two and twenty-six million years ago the state of Florida and surrounding waters went through major changes. Florida used to be twice the size it is now and, at other times, half its current size. During these fluctuati...