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Dive Books & Reference

The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving

The commandments of Safe Diving. Basic Requirements. Swimming ability. Basic Equipment. First Aid for Accidents. The Environment and marine life. Planning a dive itinerary. Underwater Communication systems.
Dive Books & Reference

Best Dives of the Caribbean (Hunter Travel Guides)

Includes the latest and best dive and snorkel sites, each rated for visual excellence and marine life. The author's knowledge of the Caribbean sites is unparalleled. From sunken planes and snorkel trails to blue holes, the best...
Dive Books & Reference

Solo Diving: The Art of Underwater Self-Sufficiency

This practical guide to underwater survival covers what divers need to know from air consumption to equipment redundancy.

Dive Books & Reference

Adventures Underwater – 10 watery tales of excitement under the sea to whet your appetite for your own travel adventures

When Ian Usher put his "life" up for sale on eBay in 2008, he had no idea where life's adventure was going to take him next.

Asked many times in interviews, "What will you do once you have sold your life?", his usua...
Dive Books & Reference

Dive Atlas of the World, 2nd: An Illustrated Guide to the Best Sites

A lavishly inspiring guide that's sure to get divers everywhere into in the water.
Florida & Dive Humor

When Elves Attack: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of the Sunshine State

I’m dreaming of a Serge Christmas . . .
Palm trees with twinkle lights . . .
Santa’s big belly protruding over a neon Speedo . . .

It’s ho, ho, ho time in this hilarious and wacky Florida holiday tale, fea...

Dive Books & Reference

Solo Diving, Revised: The Art of Underwater Self-Sufficiency

Solo Diving addresses the issue of solo diving as well as the many peripheral issues that are involved. Much of the information is presented here for the first time and in a format that allows the reader to systematically devel...
Dive Books & Reference

Springs of Florida 2nd Ed

The many springs that jewel the landscape of Florida are translucent openings into a dominion very rare: a crystalline world of fresh water at the edge of the sea. The deepest and largest known springs in the world are found in...